Outline History Of The Whitgift Foundation

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1931 Whitgift Grammar school removed from Norrth End to new buildings in Haling Park, South Croydon, and reverted to it's earlier name of Whitgift School. Whitgift Middle School moved into the North End buildings and became fully equipped to grammar school standards.
1938 The Headmaster of Whitgift Middle School was elected to membership of the Headmasters' Conference.
1946 Whitgift School relinquished the Direct Grant from the Treasury and reverted to independent status, while Whitgift Middle School remained on the Direct Grant List.
1954 After years of confusion between the names and identities of the two schools, Whitgift Middle School adopted the name of Trinity School of John Whitgift.
1965 Trinity School removed from the North End to new buildings at Shirley Park. It's former site was developed to become The Whitgift Centre, a large shopping and business precinct.
1968 Trinity School relinquished the Direct Grant and became an Independent School.
1969 The Whitgift Charity Act was passed by Parliament, with the effect of widening the Governors' powers, especially in relation to the eleemosynary side.
1971 The Foundation was granted its own armorial bearings by the College of Arms.
1983 On 21st June Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 visited the Whitgift Hospital to unveil a plaque commemorating its restoration. She also signed the Visitors' Book and was shown, amongst other things, Queen Elizabeth 1's seal on the Founder's Letters Patent to found a Hospital, dated 22nd November 1595.
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